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thermal conductivity gas analyzer

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  • Port: Shanghai
  • Brand Name: GENERAL
  • Model Number: GNL-101
  • Place of Origin: Shanghai China (Mainland)
  • Supply Ability: 280 Set/Sets per Month
  • Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram


Imported corrosion-resistance sensor


Determining gas concentrations by measuring the thermal conductivity of the gas, GNL-101 analyzer uses advanced thermal conductivity sensor with single chip technology. It adopts platinum thread as sense organ to make up Imbalance Bridge, which output signal has a relationship with tested gas volume. And the single chip will magnify, sieve wavelength, modify linearly and criteria the signal by electric procedure. And then it will output direct ratio signal to the tested gas concentration.


* Imported corrosion-resistance sensor, intercross resistance and advanced digital processing

* Low drift electric bridge with high stability and good reliability

* Concise menu, simple operation

* Setting upper and lower alarm values arbitrarily during the measurement range

* Connected to a computer via the standard RS232 or RS485 interface.  

Technical Specifications                                                                                       

Range:  0.01%-5%/10%/50%/100%

Accuracy: ≤±2% in full FS range

Stability:  Zero drift ≤±2% of FS/7d

              Range drift ≤±2% of FS/7d

Repeatability: ≤±0.5%

Warm-up:≤7 minutes

Response Time: 90% of final FS reading≤ 30 seconds

Fluctuated Output:.5% F.S.

Ambient Temp.:-10~+60oC

Ambient Humidity:≤80%RH

Sample Gas Flow: 400ml±10ml/mim

Sample Gas Pressure: 0.05MPa≤Inlet pressure≤0.45Mpa

Power Supply:220±10% VAC, 50/60Hz, power loss≤15VA

Warranty: 12 months analyzer; 12 months sensor


Installation Dimension: 482.5mm×177mm×300mm (W×H×D)



* Measuring H2 concentration in supply gas and cycle gas for ammonia production

* Measuring H2 concentration in fertilize production

* Measuring exceed H2 concentration in argon production

* Measuring H2 concentration in cycle gas for hydrogen-cooled generator

* Measuring H2 concentration in environment air or industrial container

* Measuring CO2 concentration in combustion exhaust gas of industrial boilers or furnaces

* Measuring Ar concentration in ammonia distillation

* Measuring Ar concentration in percent argon
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