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Series A-1 aluminum desktop electrical &electronic equipment enclosures

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Chang Ai
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  • Brand Name: Chang Ai
  • Port: Shanghai
  • Protection Level: None
  • Model Number: A
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Place of Origin: Shanghai China (Mainland)
  • Payment Terms: L/C,T/T
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Set/Sets
  • External Size: 19" standard or non standard siz...
  • Supply Ability: 500 Set/Sets per Day
  • Type: Control Box


Electrical equipment enclosures
Size:can be customized
Surface:colors sprayed
OEM,ISO9001~2001 Material:extruded aluminum


.International advanced design and technique; widely used in industrial control, communication, electrical industry, testing system, network control center, military electrical industry , distributing control system; can be integrated into high density electrical equipments.

.Widely suited in desktop or rack-mounted electrical equipment; solid structure; excellent load-carrying capacity

.Can be inner fixed international standard board

.Powder coated on surface, elegant and graceful in appearance

.Electrical equipment enclosures used extruded aluminum as material.

Picture of dimension





A (desktop)

B(rack-mounted flange)

BM fix flange (evolved by series B eliminated handhold part)

AL front flange (evolved by series A eliminated handhold part)


.Die-Casted by Aluminum alloy; polished and plastic sprayed on surface

.CI A/B is standard enclosure of this series (series A is desktop style, B is rack-mounted style)

.Series A/B can be evolved into above four schemes; handle style can be freely selected, and keep other structure unchanged


Side plate



.Side plate is casted by extruded aluminum alloy; plastic sprayed on surface (also can be treated with conductive oxidation on one side)

.Left& right panel can be replaced by cooling hole plate or side plug-in board (except 2U)

.Left& right panel can be punched plum-shaped cooling hole (should be noted in the purchasing order)


Threaded insert and slide nuts




.Can be inserted front& rear beam to fix the panel

.Thread hole is M 2.5

.The holes spacing is 5.08mm


Case foot


.Made by PC Injection molding; matt surface; 3 kind is available (small& big standing leg, round leg)

.Each case has two standing leg and a pair of round leg as accessory

.Load-carrying weight is about 25KG; big standing leg can be selected according to the weight

.Different foot is available by different requirement

.Round sucker leg can carry heavy carrying weight, sucker can prevent from slipping


Connection Scheme for standard board and guide rail




.Two forms: plastic and aluminum

.Plastic guide rail has two kind of length: 140mm and 210mm; aluminum guide rail's length is free

.Plastic guide rail is made by PC injection molding


Connection between the base cover and left& right side plate


Notes:1.5 or 2mm aluminum board

.2 kind of assemble methods

.Plate board fixed on front& rear beam

.U shape board fixed on left and right side plate




Reference for order




·Including all fastening piece

·Items With * are optional accessories, should be ordered separately

·Round sucker legs should be noted in the order if required

·Each standing leg has two parts

·If carrying loaded required, bottom tray or mid horizontal rail can be selected

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