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Hot Selling Fiber Cable Enclosure

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Brand Name:
Chang Ai
Model Number:
Extruded Aluminum
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Item specifics

  • Brand Name: Chang Ai
  • Port: Shanghai,China.
  • Model Number: B
  • Material: Extruded Aluminum
  • Place of Origin: Shanghai China (Mainland)
  • Payment Terms: L/C,T/T
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set/Sets
  • External Size: Can be customized
  • Supply Ability: 500 Set/Sets per Day
  • Type: Switch Box


Material:Extruded Aluminum
Size:can be customized
Surface:color sprayed
Fiber Cable Enclosure



1. The Fiber Cable Enclosure use international advanced design and technology, this product can be widely used in many fields, such as Industrial Control, Testing System, Network Control Center, Military Electronics and Distributing Control System. To high-density integration of various electrical and electronic equipments.

2. For desktop or rack mount applications, this product is of solid structure and excellent carrying capacity.

3. The international standard board can be inner fixed.

4. Powder coated on surface, with elegant and graceful appearance.

Structural Components

1. Handle:(1) Be made of aluminum, with surface polished and sprayed; (2) Series A is for desktop application. (3) Series B can be evolved into four schemes, handle style can be freely selected, other structure unchanged.


2. Side panels:(1) Be casted by extruded aluminum alloy, with surface sprayed (also the inner single-side can be conductive oxidation processed). (2) Vents can be on both the left and right side panels; with side flapper (except 2U cabinet). (3) Left&right panels can be punched plum-shaped vents(should be indicated in the purchasing order).


3. Threade insert and sliding nuts:(1) Can be inserted into front & rear beam to fix the panels. (2) M2.5 thread hole. (3) Space between two holes is 5.08mm.

4. Enclosures foot:(1)PC injection molding, matt surface, three kinds of foot are available as required(small standing legs, big standing legs, round legs). (2) Each case has two standing legs and a pair of round legs as accessory. (3) Load-carrying weight is about 25KG, big standing legs can be selected according to the carrying weight. (4) Round sucker legs can carry more, sucker can prevent the case from slipping.


5. Connection schemes for standard board and guide rail: (1) Two patterns: plastic and aluminum. (2) Length of the plastic pattern includes 140mm and 210mm; Length of the aluminum pattern is available as required. (3) Plastic guide rail is molded by PC.

6. Connection between the case cover and left&right panels:(1) Aluminum board thickness:1.5mm to 2.0mm. (2) 2 assemble methods. (3) Plate-board-patterns fixed on front&rear beams. (4) U-patterns fixed on left&right panels.


Some standard order information




Special Instructions

1. Panel is made of extruded aluminum board; different sizes can be selected, multi-choice conformed to shielded or non shielded standard.

2. Optional accessories: pull-aid panel, handle, screw and module box.

3. Total depths (D) and Total Widths can be freely customized.

4.Color: Medium grey; Sapphire blue, Light grey(cover), Silver grey(metal color).

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